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"video downloadhelper v4.9.1 - a nice Donationware video-DL's Firefox AddOn"

This is really a easy-to-use nice-working

video-downloads option for Firefox

(I use FireFox Portable Edition; I can execute Firefox from a flash drive on almost any Windows pc, without installing Firefox.)

This software is Donationware (they request you contribute if you

get benefit).

After perhaps 700 downloads (earier version), I donated modest $.

I have only made a handful of downloads under

Video-DownloadHelper v4.9.1 and Firefox Portable v4.0.1,

but DownloadHelper appears to work almost identically well.

I just don't like to rate anything as 10of10.

I have NO complaints (other than under "Cons").

  • On most videos (e.g., and similar) I've tried,
  • I can download. SOME, such as an entire television show episode,
  • it did not work on. (I assume copy protection on the website.)
  • Once you start the display of the video, the icon animates,
  • and you can download the video as a file.
  • (On some websites, the video automatically starts to display,
  • causing the DownloadHelper icon to automatically animate.)
  • Upgrading to (Firefox) Download Helper v4.9.1, appeared to require me to upgrade to Mozilla FireFox (Portable Edition) 4.0.1,
  • and to make it work for me>>
  • After install of Video-DownloadHelper v4.9.1,
  • I had to: right-click on DownloadHelper icon,
  • select preferences (behavior), and under "When I click on the Icon,"
  • I selected "Open Menu" as the behavior,
  • in order to be able to download.
  • This is why I downrated "Installation".

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18 Jun 2011
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