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Help & Info about Video DownloadHelper for windows

  • What is Video DownloadHelper?

    Video DownloadHelper is an application that can extract videos and image files from websites, capture a full browsing session and record Twitter Periscope, which saves all live streams related to a set of predefined search terms. For professional editing, there’s a commercial feature that allows video conversion (changing audio and video formats) and aggregation (joining separate audio and video to a single file).
  • Is Video DownloadHelper legal?

    It is legal to use this application, so long as you’re using it to download files that are not copyrighted.
  • Is Video DownloadHelper safe?

    As far as the software is concerned, this program is safe. Any risks will come from files that the user is downloading. Sharing pictures and videos between friends is inherently safe because the source is trusted. Downloading from public websites carries the chance that files may contain malware and viruses. The safest choice is to always use trusted sites.
  • What kind of videos can I download?

    Video DownloadHelper supports several types of video streams. Whether it is HTTP, MP2T, F4F or another, this application can more than likely download it. If a site uses a non-supported streaming technology, the software captures directly from the screen and generates a video file out of it.
  • What is the Video DownloadHelper Companion App?

    Some actions required by the main application cannot be performed from within the browser. An external application is required to complete these actions, hence the companion app. For example, to create audio + video files when audio and video data are streamed separately or to perform any conversion operation on the downloaded media.
  • What are the system requirements for Video DownloadHelper?

    Both Chrome and Firefox have compatible versions, requiring 779.43 kilobytes of storage. It will work on Windows 98 and upwards and is also available for the Apple Mac OS X.
  • How do you download videos with Video DownloadHelper?

    When the application detects videos, the browser toolbar icon activates. Click on the icon and a list extends downwards displaying available videos. Click on the desired video and the download begins.
  • How do you capture media galleries?

    To detect a gallery of links on a page, click on the Analyse page icon situated on the control panel. The corresponding links are then highlighted and made available to download.
  • How do you record live streams automatically from Twitter Periscope?

    Open the Periscope Auto-Recorder function and type your search terms. Then click the Twitter icon on the control panel. Whenever Twitter produces a Periscope live stream with a word in its ‘session description’ that matches one of your search terms, the application records it.
  • How do you capture a browsing session?

    Open the main control panel and click on the start SCRAP and stop SCRAP button when required. A number of parameters can be set up using the panel, before commencing. These are mainly to do with the mouse, when it is or isn’t visible, it’s colour, halo radius, halo transparency and size.


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