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  • Version: 4.9.22
  • Size: 761 KB
  • Filename: video_downloadhelper-4-9-22-fx-sm.xpi

Notes: For technical reasons, this download takes you to the developer page where you can install the add-on directly in Firefox.

If you've had any problems using this on Mac, check out our blog posts on how to fix download conversion errors:

Download Video DownloadHelper direct from the Windows Store Video DownloadHelper for %2

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Download Video DownloadHelper for Windows Mac OS X direct from Softonic secure servers

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Video DownloadHelper free download

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  • @Download Helper Install Problems

    Thanks for pointing out this technical problem. The download link now takes you to the developer website where, when you click on the "Add To Firefox" button, the add-on will be installed directly in Firefox. more

    by nicholasmead123

  • Download Helper Install Problems

    Nick, Your review says nothing about how to install the xpi file on my Mac OSX 10.4.11... the finder doesn't know what to do with an xpi file after it downloads... help! more

    by dbraem

  • 4.9.22 broken

    This has always been a useful tool however the new version, 4.9.22 is broken. I can no longer download uTube videos. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the old version but I can't get that to work now as well.... more

    by sean.lehman.90